Great Travel Moment

A drive up to the mountains to visit will bring you right to the heart of the Coarsegold Annual Tarantula Festival. From mid-October to mid-November every year, the tarantulas come out and literally cross the roads to mate. The males are making their way to the burrows of their potential Juliets. Drivers must beware because there can be hundreds on the road during this season, and the locals don’t look too kindly on careless folks who might run the little lotharios over. Signs are posted here and there warning those passing through to beware when tarantulas are present.

Tarantula Festival – October 27, 2012

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Coarsegold Historic Village
Highway 41

Phone: 559 683-3900

Tarantula races,
arachnid displays, costume contest for the
kids, and food.

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For more information please contact us at: 559 683-3900